CEH for Safety & $aving$ INCREDIBLE NEW HOMES PROTECT YOU FROM BOTH PHYSICAL AND FINANCIAL DISASTERS! Disaster Resistant and Zero Energy Homes to Last Forever! Zero Energy   “ConCoreSystem” Building Process   IMAGINE...  A home with almost no utility bills and resists all disasters!  A home that is completely green, eco-friendly, and healthy! A home built like a fortress with superior strength and lasts for centuries!   Our zero energy package and innovative concrete, foam, steel, and rubber products are affordable thanks to tax credits and monthly savings!  Our homes will protect you, your loved ones, and your #1 investment against any natural or man-made disasters! We believe everyone deserves to be safe so our economical and responsible housing can be sized to fit any budget and all features come standard! Disasters  EnergyFree, DisasterProof, Traditional Looking Homes Completely Enclosed  in Energy Efficient Insulating Foam Entirely Surrounded by Protective Concrete      Economical and Customizable Plans Sized to Fit Your Budget Click on any of the side or bottom pictures and discover the details Copyright © 2013 ConcreteEnergyHomes, LLC Disaster Features  House Plans Videos Visit our Interactive Blog Check out the Products that are used in the Concrete Energy Homes Products Link Our Blog Click the Image For Construction Details Hello, I’m Dave Anderson, Founder of ConcreteEnergyHomes. Please Click on my photo to begin a brief audio introduction. Hello, I'm Dave Anderson, Founder of ConcreteEnergyHomes