CEH Built for Disasters IT’S REMARKABLE, BUT OUR SINGLE FAMILY HOMES CAN RESIST ALL THESE DISASTERS!!! No Steps, No Stairs, No Falling!!! Hurricanes - More common and more severe Tornadoes - High winds and flying debris Loss of Roof Is Catastrophic! 5” thick steel reinforced concrete roof is connected to the 6” thick steel reinforced concrete walls by even more steel rebar, making it impossible for the roof to blow off and causing a complete catastrophy! Flying Debris Causes Injuries! Concrete walls stop flying debris and projectiles during wind storms which is a leading cause of injuries and death. ConcreteEnergyHomes Disaster Features: Garage Door Is Most Vulnerable! Hurricane windows, doors, and garage door are also secured to steel framing, not wood, and stands up to winds in excess of 250 MPH. Fires - Destroy life and property Floods - Water damage is everywhere! You Don’t Need to Feel Helpless! Our concrete walls and roof will not burn, catch, or spread a flame and the interior surfaces have similar noncombustible materials. There is no wood to burn or kindle a fire! Indestructible Interior Walls! Interior walls are made of steel stud framing, mold and mildew resistant paperless sheetrock, and hardened, water and fire resistant, decorative cement finishes with minimal damage and insurance claims! Concrete Floor Replaces Wood! 4” thick concrete floors minimize potential major damage caused to wood after floods and fires, and related costly repairs. Cleanup is quicker and repairs are less costly.  Concrete will not burn, rust, or rot and lasts for hundreds of years • Fire and water resistant materials cover exterior and interior surfaces • Rubber shingles and flooring repel water and do not catch fire • Hurricane strength glass, windows, doors and garage door are better able to hold back forceful waters and provide a better seal • We have replaced inferior wood with 21st century superior products Earthquakes - Renders homes unsafe to live in! Hail - Insurance company disasters! Rot Mold Insect Infestation ConcreteEnergyHomes Disaster Features: • Added strength from stronger concrete mix and more rebar • Monolithic steel reinforced concrete structure minimizes cracking, breaking, and falling concrete • Rubber shingles are more durable and last longer than asphalt or metal materials • Concrete and foam are not food sources for mold, insects, and rodents and protect living spaces. • Concrete is impenetrable and protective • Foam is quiet • Window glass won’t shatter • Water won’t damage or destroy your home • Repairs are fewer and less costly • Lives will be saved • Peace of mind will be yours ConcreteEnergyHomes Disaster Features: Steel Reinforced Concrete Walls Prevent Any Intruders! It's The Inncoent Victims Who Suffer! Every Guest Will Comment On How Quiet Your Home Is! Missing Vehicle Found Trying to Enter Home! Freak accidents happen more often than we hear, but as you can see there is minimal damage to this ICF home. You can expect insurance companies to give substantial discounts if losses can be prevented, and they do! American Homes Were NOT Built For Terrorism! The Middle East understands the need to build with concrete, and so does CEH. Bullets and debris WILL NOT penetrate our 6” concrete walls yet we also protect the exterior from damage with our 1/2” thick hardened cement finish. This House Is So Quiet! It’s the very first thing people say about ICF homes. Our enhanced ICF walls, roof system, and windows will perform even better and you can now build close to trains, planes and automobiles, on lots that are less desireable for that reason, and usually less expensive! We can’t stop loud neighbors but now we can keep it out of our homes! Safe Room Protection! A safe room with concrete walls, ceiling, floor, and a steel door serves many purposes including protection during high winds, a panic room from intruders, or a vault  to protect valuables. Decorative Rubber Shingles Will NOT Spread Flames! Our rubber is manufactured from recycled automobile tires and is molded into decorative roofing shingles, floor tiles, and carpet padding. No Hazardous Falling Concrete! The roof, walls, and footing are one interconnectd structure of steel reinforced concrete with more rebar and a stronger psi concrete than building codes recommend. Our homes will survive earthquakes of greater magnitude with less repairs as concrete may crack, but not break! If necessary we can also create deep pin footings that extend into the ground to minimize the structure from sliding or shifting. Hail Won’t Harm Roof or Exterior! Rubber shingles, hurricane glass, and 1/2” thick stucco like cement exterior finishes can take a beating from either wind blown debris and larger size hail. Meanwhile, your neighborhood will be crawling with insurance adjusters and roofers! WOOD Is The Culprit, So Why Use It, Especially When There Are So Many Reasons Not To? Wood has traditionally been the material of choice but improved materials are replacing lumber and its many problems such as toxic out gassing, rot, mold, mildew, insects, the environment, fires, and floods. Innovative and decorative materials such as concrete, foam, rubber, and metal products are green, eco-friendly, healthier, more sustainable, less destructible, and will last for hundreds of years! Europeans have learned this lesson and more Americans are shaking the wood tradition. Embrace the change, it’s a good thing!   Accidents - Can and Do Happen! TERRORISM - Is On The Rise! BOULDERS - Every Location Has Its Disasters!  Falling Boulder Promotes ConcreteEnergyHomes! ICF houses WITHOUT a concrete roof would NOT have stopped this calamity. Our 4”-6” steel reinforced concrete roof and wall mass would have had much more success at stopping falling boulders and would likely survive a landslide as well! NOISE - A CEH is so quiet you can live by planes, trains, automobiles, parades and marching bands! Copyright © 2013 ConcreteEnergyHomes, LLC Disaster Resistant and Zero Energy Homes to Last Forever! If the Roof Blows, The Rest Of Your House Goes! Flying Objects Penetrate Most Ordinary Houses But NOT Ours! The Garage Door is the MOST Vulnerable Openning in Most Houses, But NOT Ours! A Safe Room in the Master Bedroom Closet is Hidden, Yet Quick to Access in an Emergency! Concrete Doesn't Burn, Spread a Flame, or Rot and Lasts Hundreds of Years! Our Newest Finish is Simply Skim Coated Over the Sheetrock, Not Layered as Shown! Rubber Shingles Won't Even Burn When We Try! Flames Extinquish in Seconds and Can't Spread! They May Get A Little Charred But Your House Will Still Be Underneath Them! While There May Be Clean Up, There Won't Be Tear Out, Deconstruction, or Major Repairs. Wood is a Food Source for Rot, Mold, and Insects. We've Eliminated ALL WOOD! Mold and Mildew Love Moisture SO We Properly Seal Out and Eliminate Moisture Conditions Unlike Wood, Concrete and Foam Do NOT Attract Insects and Rodents! "Uninvited House Guests" May Knock, But They Can't Come In! Imagine The Damage and Insurance Claim That Could Have Resulted! Our Cement Exteriors Outperform These Competitors and Minimize the Damages and Insurance Claims! You Can Avoid This Ugly Reality with a ConcreteEnergyHome! Boulder Falls Through Roof, Floor, And Rests In Basement Bullet test results demonstrate the safety in our stronger exterior surfaces Hurricane Katrina Devastated Both Lives and Property Greensburg Kansas was Completely Demolished, Leveled by a Super Tornado Brush Fire Cinders Jump from Roof to Roof Quickly Igniting Them The Entire Interior Will Need to be Gutted Because of Rot and Mold Extra Rebar and Stronger Concrete Elimiinates This Complete Loss Ashpalt and Metal Shingles Are Destructible, But Rubber Is Made To Bounce Back!