CEH Zero Energy Homes Save $$$ THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT  OFFERS YET ANOTHER INCENTIVE TO PURCHASE A HOME! Copyright © 2013 ConcreteEnergyHomes, LLC Government 30% Tax Credit Makes Our Energy “Package” Even More Affordable! Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) Technology for 50% Energy Efficiency ConcreteEnergyHomes walls can be built with any of the many brands of ICF forms while similar non-toxic rigid EPS foam panels form and insulate the ceiling, just below the concrete, completely sealing and insulating the interior living space with no drafts or air leaks. This translates into less  heating and cooling demand, smaller and less expensive heating and cooling equipment, and far greater energy efficiency and savings than you’ll ever get with a traditional built home!  Experts agree that while typical wood framed houses with 2x6 walls and fiberglass insulation have an R-19 value, they would need walls of R-50 to achieve similar results to ICF construction. We haven’t found anything that compares, especially when you consider the impenetrability benefit! Nationwide, ICF construction alone accounts for nearly 50% of the energy savings and efficiency! We combine other energy saving technologies to approach ZERO ENERGY! Geothermal technology heats and cools your home using the earth’s natural heat - Plastic tubes are buried vertically or horizontally deep into your yard or nearby pond or well, and a nonfreezing liquid is pumped and circulated through the tubes taking on the constant temperature of the surrounding soil. In the summer, the fluid removes heat from the building and transfers it to the relatively cooler ground in order to cool the building, similar to a refrigerator. In colder months the opposite happens, the fluid takes the warmer temperature of the soil and transfers it to the interior space of your home. Mechanical systems pump, compress, and enhance the temperatures to make them warmer or cooler as desired. No energy is purchased to provide this comfort. Solar panels collect heat from the sun and convert it to electricity at no cost! - Separate solar collector systems produce either heat or electricity. Panels can be mounted on roof tops, as awnings, or stand alone fixtures but need to be positioned to maximize the use of the sun. They are durable and withstand a certain amount of hail and other natural abuse and although they look awkward at first, a quick mind adjustment puts you in an envious position in the neighborhood, especially when you are selling the excess electricity back to the utility company! Residential wind turbines or generators are fast becoming a viable energy source - the political environment appears to be unanimously behind promoting energy alternatives making wind energy potentially even more commercially viable. There are literally hundreds of models available with better and less costly ones appearing every day. Our concrete roofs provide an excellent mounting surface particularly for styles that take advantage of winds rising up a sloped roof with increasing speed and strength to continue driving turbines during gentler winds. While certain geographies are more conducive to wind energy than others, if appropriate you can expect free electricity and perhaps make money by selling the excess back to the utility company! Energy Saving Ductwork  - Green energy efficient foam ductwork below your floor replaces traditional inefficient metal ductwork, another source of energy loss that can be significant that is typically found in ceilings and walls. Our PE plastic ductwork is the highest quality air duct system that is safe for humans and the environment. Our underground ductwork system incorporates both the earth's thermal properties and PE foam to create a superior energy efficient product; a performance that meets the next- generation of air systems. The preformed ductwork has the characteristic of a smooth low friction surface that is resistant to mildew, mold, and Radon; under pressure it will not crack and is non-toxic and recyclable. In addition, the ductwork is self- insulating, adjustable and easy to install. Energy Efficient Mortgages and Tax Credits - Zero or Near Zero energy homes are already being constructed and now the federal and state governments are promoting energy efficiency and conservation by providing energy rebates and tax credits for purchases of energy efficient products and construction. Currently the federal government stimulus package  includes an $8,000 tax credit to first time homebuyers and now an unlimited 30% tax credit for energy related purchases and that helps make your new ConcreteEnergyHome affordable. The federal government also promotes energy savings with energy efficient mortgages that allow you to borrow more money since it can be paid back with the monthly energy savings. There are also other tax credits that are made available to both builders and homeowners by the federal, state, and utility companies. Contact us if you would like a summary of these tax benefits. Exceeding Energy Star Requirements – Our homes were designed for total energy efficiency built with foam, concrete, steel, rubber and NO WOOD and with ICF, geothermal, solar, wind, and ductwork technologies. Our eco-friendly and whole- house concept should surpass ALL energy programs for new residential construction, including Energy Star. We expect our homes to be appropriately tested, certified, and to include Energy Star appliances, fixtures and lighting; water conserving toilets, faucets, showerheads, and landscaping; low VOC interior finishes; and more... Disaster Resistant and Zero Energy Homes to Last Forever! 4"-7" Thick Foam Sheets Framed in Steel Eliminates Energy Leaks Through the Roof! Geothermal Loop Fields Transfer The Earth's Heat to the House and The House's Heat to the Earth. Mechanical Compressors and Pumps Transfer Heat To and From The Interior of The House Solar Panels Can Be Mounted on Posts, and Some Even Rotate to Follow The Sun Longer! Solar Panels of Differing Shapes and Sizes Collect and Convert Heat from Roof to Electricity Residential Wind Turbines Are Becoming Economical and Come In Many Shapes and Sizes Sealed Plastic/Foam Tubes Below Grade Deliver Heat and AC Most Efficiently Some Have Very Clever and Attractive Designs! If 1/8" Thick Styrofoam Cups Resists Hot Coffee, Imagine What Temperatures 2 1/2" of ICF Foam Resists!