CEH Small Is Big  SENSIBLE AND ECONOMICAL HOMES RESIST RECESSIONS AND DEPRESSIONS!!! Concrete “Bermuda” Style Roof Looks Traditional But There is NO Comparison in Features and Value 2 BR-1 Level Rambler • Master bathroom pocket door combines guest use and personal privacy • Strategic location of Utility room in garage space keeps fumes/service people out of living space Mud and laundry room accessible from both garage or kitchen keeps odors away from living space • Kitchen and master bedroom patio doors open onto rear patio for outdoor living and enjoyment Covered front porch adds appeal and protects guests from inclement weather • Kitchen has additional room for storage and seating in addition to island seating for 3-4 ICF Concrete Walls and Safe Room 34’ x 60’ Plan Most Cost Effective Want a Rear Screen Porch? White Roof is Most Energy Efficient Our Simplest and Most Affordable Home Has All the Features to Make it Indestructible and Permanent, Unlike Its Mobile Home Counterpart Patio Door Opens Onto Awning Covered Patio Hurricane Windows and Doors Concrete Roof and Walls 2 BR - 15’ x 50’ Interior Space 3BR 15’ x 60’ Interior Space Realistic Floor Plan View 3-D Interior View  Special features in addition to the many standard features • Our most economical single family IMmobie home has all the features that make it safe and healthy • Protect your family in a concrete vault that will survive any natural or man-made disasters Vaulted ceilings and plenty of daylight add space and appeal • Great room hurricane strength patio door opens onto outdoor patio space with a retractable awning • Utility room is located in safe room master bedroom closet behind bifold doors Car port is secure and can be converted to more permanent, private, and protective garage • 3BR model separates extra bedrooms from master bedroom suite by central kitchen/living room  Additional storage closet available in 3BR model hallway • A flat roof version is available if the most storm resistant roof is desired Dare to try a personal touch! It's Affordable and Sized to Fit Your Budget! Concrete Enclosure With Garage 3-D Floor Plan View Safe room/utility room in corner of garage Porch and patio provide desirable outdoor living space and charm  Bathroom and laundry combine for efficient and convenient use of space • Bedroom and Bathroom doors open into hallway to form a corridor and master suite feel Master BR closet forms a sound buffer from noisier social great room space Spacious single car garage with hanging metal storage rack Additional storage cabinet in kitchen can replace more formal dining arrangement Patio doors have sliding shutters or door panels for additional protection Patio screen entry door from front porch Desk or window seat in living room formed by storage cabinets/shelves Front entry closet Hallway storage cabinet Half high shelves/storage/work surface separates living room and kitchen Island seating includes stove and microwave Kitchen View into Living Room Hallway View of Kitchen and Patio Entry Patio View Down the Hallway No Maintenance Leaves Time for More Enjoyable Pursuits! Safe room/utility room located in rear corner of home • 3 BR family oriented living with all the necessities closeness • Consider 3rd bedroom as a den, home office, workout space, storage, or “other” space 1/2 bathroom accomodates other family members and quests Garage replaced by additional bedroom, 1/2 bath, separate laundry/mudroom, and 2 car port Patio doors have sliding shutters or door panels for additional protection Master BR closet forms a sound buffer from noisier social great room space Desk or Window seat in living room formed by storage cabinets/shelves Car port roof is concrete and securely fastened to concrete footings with enclosing options • Rectangular floor plan easily allows for reconfigured interior walls, if desired Circular driveway option avoids more dangerous backing up!   Lower Pitch Roof Changes Look and Ceiling Vault 2 Car Port and Rear Entrance Rectangular Plan Allows Other Layouts Compare to 2-D Floor Plan Great Room View to Kitchen A 2nd Story Allows for 3-4 Bedrooms and Access to a Garage Attic Expansion Gable Roofs with 2 Car Garage Master Suite 1st Fl Level 3-4 Bedroom 2nd Fl Expansion Stairway to 2nd Fl and Front Entry View of Front Entry Options • This model demonstrates the many upsizing capabilities Steel ceiling/floor trusses are embedded in concrete and foam for strength and quiet 2nd Fl Gable end walls are continuation of ICF’s walls forming permanent attachment to the roof 1st floor privacy is available while children share the quiet 2nd floor • Option 1: 3 BR 2nd floor w/ balcony and skylights overlooking 1st floor living room • Option 2: Multi purpose open space instead of a balcony • Option 3: 4th bedroom • Option 4: Additional space above 2 car garage could be storage or additional 2nd floor living space Window seat and storage could be built beneath the stairway Private front entry/closet with backside entertainment center Full 2nd floor bathroom accomodates other family members Foam/plastic sealed ductwork runs through ceiling/floor open metal truss system Porch and patio similar to 2 and 3 BR models for outdoor living space Patio entry door from front porch Patio door has sliding shutters or door panels for additional protection • Similar 1st floor cabinet storage options as 2 and 3 BR models We Fill Space Efficiently Because It's a Luxury We Can No Longer Afford! Roof and Exterior Changes Only Open Central Common Living Area Vaulted Ceiling and Fireplace Interact With Family and Guests Central Mud/Utility/Laundry Room  This model demonstrates the versatility, adaptability, and possibilities of floor plan changes Children’s BR’s are separated from the master bedroom by the central common living space  Kitchen skylights add light and appeal • Gable garage roof allows for additional attic storage space Covered front porch adds charm and outdoor space • Patio door has sliding shutters or door panels for additional glass protection Fireplace can be a 2nd source of heat especially in our super sealed and insulated foam enclosure • The master closet doubles as a safe room  • Convenient access to mud/laundry/utility room from garage and front hallway These designs demonstrate the versatility of our superior building products with simple and smaller designs to keep our homes affordable. Remember, there is a size home to fit your budget! Smaller is Smarter. Economically Designed for Disaster Victims, Downsizing, and First Time Buyers 2 and 3 Bedroom “IMmobile Homes” IMmobile homes take the fear out of mobile home living! 2 BR-Porch and Patio with Garage  Special features in addition to the many standard features No Sacrifice of Comforts With Outdoor Living, Protection, and Economy!  Special features in addition to the many standard features 3 BR-Porch and Patio with Car Port Modified 2 BR Floor Plan Eliminates Garage For 3rd BR, 1/2 Bath, Laundry and Car Port  Special features in addition to the many standard features 1st Fl Master Suite with 3-4 BR 2nd Fl Our smaller home floor plans are expandable to a 2nd floor and more bedrooms! Special features in addition to the many standard features 3BR-Ranch Rambler Our Features Are Easily Adaptable to Other Floor Plans! Special features in addition to the many standard features We Can Accomodate Larger Floor Plans Designed From Our Basic Plans, If Desired 4BR+ Basement Rambler If You Need a Basement, We Can Build a Basement! Landscaping and Patio are Appealing. Rear Screen Porch Option Slight Change For Rear Porch Egress Windows Required For Living Space Basement Accomodates Rental Space. Landscaped and Furnished View Eases Decision! Vaulted Common Area Special features in addition to the many standard features • Master bathroom has pocket door to form 1/2 bath for guests and keep master bath feel Utility room located in garage keeps “fumes” and “service people” out of living space Mud and laundry rooms accessible from garage and kitchen keeps odors out of living space • Kithchen and master bedroom patio doors open onto rear patio for outdoor living and entertaining Covered front porch protects guests from inclement weather and adds appeal • Kitchen has room for additional seating besides island seating for 3-4 Concrete stairway forms a safe room and utility room combined Concrete and foam main floor results in a quiet basement for children, guests or renters Open basement allows for many configurations including 3-4 bedrooms and full bath • With concrete ceiling/floor and stairs, the entire basement becomes a bunker or safe room Copyright © 2013 ConcreteEnergyHomes, LLC Disaster Resistant and Zero Energy Homes to Last Forever! Patio Doors From Kitchen and Master Bedroom Open to Rear Outdoor Patio Realistic 3-D Views Allow Quick Design Changes Traditional 2-D Floor Plans Are Always Available But 3-D Shows it Best Decide to Add Rear Screen Porch and View in Minutes! Concrete Roof with White Roll On Energy Efficient Protective Coating Reflects More of Suns Rays Hurricane Windows are Protected with Shutters and/or Removable Strong Clear Plastic Shields or Screens Secured Concrete Car Port Can Be Added Anywhere Around The Structure Concrete Hip Roof with Slight Pitch Is Permanently Attached to Walls and Will NOT be Blown Off! Minimal Interior Walls and Open Floor Plan with Outdoor Access to Front Porch and Awning Potential Homeowners May Prefer a More Realistic Floor Plan View Family Size with Extra Bedrooms, 1/2 Bath, and Hallway Storage Separates Master Suite by Central Living Area Simple, Sweet, Efficient, and Practical, Like Living In An Apartment! Go Native and “Howl at the Moon" With Your Own Creative Exteriors! Our Homes are Functional and Satisfies All Your Needs Gain a Better Sense of Rooms and Sizes! An Efficient Kitchen with Storage and Walkout to Screened Patio Walls Provide Ideal Space for Storage, Desk, or Window Seat 4' Hallway Leaves Room for Storage Shelves and Cabinets Typical Florida Home But Secure From Hurricanes Rear 2 Car Port and Entry With A Possible Circular Driveway Would Avoid Hazards of Backing Out! Efficient Use of Space Without Sacrificing Features Can You Appreciate The Simplicity With All The Features? Open Space Allows Family Social Interaction and Closer Supervision! Garage Roof PItch Allows for Attic Storage or Additional Living Space! Main Level Living with 2nd Floor Expansion for Children A Concrete/Foam Ceiling Provides Many 2nd Floor Options For Larger Families! Front Entry Closet/Entertainment Center and Plenty of Daylight! Imagine A Window Seat and Storage Under the Stairway! Same Floor Plan With Change From Gable to Safer Hip Roof Mud/Laundry/Utility Room Centrally Located and Accessible From Garage and Front Hallway Central Closet Ledge Forms Storage Or Plant Shelf! Social Center of Home Separates Adult/Children's Bedrooms! Kitchen Cabinet Wall Forms Private Front Entry You Don't Have to Sacrifice Quality and Features Simply Because a Home is Smaller! A Rear Screen Porch and Patio Combination are Great for Outdoor Living! You Decide If You Want the Safe Room In the Master Bedroom Closet or Garage Corner Utility Room. Minimal Interior Walls Form Bedrooms, Bath, Utility and Rec Room Add Kitchen and You Have Rental Space With 2 BR and Living Room. Our CAD System Makes It Easy To Make Decisions About Changes! We Waited Only Minutes to Decide on Skylites!