CEH Interior Protection The First Thing Everybody Notices Is How “Quiet” It Is! The same recycled rubber as the shingles can also be used to mold colorful and stylish floor tiles with acrylic grout to form a water tight surface and a cushioned surface over the concrete to prevent the possibility of leg strain. Plumbing and flooring can be started immediately after the roof is completed and under the best weather conditions possible. Other trades will appreciate that and hopefully reflect it in their bid! We would cover the soil with poly waterproofing before putting down this rigid 2’ EPS insulation to keep moisture away from building materials including the water resistant foam. In colder climates we would then pin water tubing to the foam and pressure test it prior to placing the concrete We then place 4” of fibrous or steel reinforced concrete, screed, level, and float. The rubber is also molded into flat and/or colorful rolled sheeting to be used as flooring or carpet padding and easily restored after flooding. The interior walls are made with steel studs, paperless and mildew resistant sheetrock, and finished with our hardened and decorative cement coating material. We eliminate wood (a source of rot) and paper (a source of mold and mildew) and our hardened, water and fire resistant finish will stand up to the most abusive treatment. Interior doors are framed in metal, not wood, and will resist rot from flooding, burning from fire, and force from intruders. The doors themselves can be metal or combined with opague glass to transmit light and maintain privacy. The metal can be painted or covered in decals for any look you desire. As you can see, the finished interior can easily look like any traditional home but the walls are more durable, water and fire resistant, with deeper window ledges. Copyright © 2013 ConcreteEnergyHomes, LLC Disaster Resistant and Zero Energy Homes to Last Forever! Once the Soil is Level We Lay Poly, then Foam, Before In-Floor Tubing and/or Concrete ... After Proper Curing, Portions of the Concrete can be Stamped and Colored and/or Ready for Interior Wall Construction. Attractive Molded Rubber Flooring Tiles with Acrylic Grout Provide Cushion and Comfort! The Same Rubber is Used as Carpet Padding, if Carpets are Desired! Interior Walls Are Made of Steel Studs, Paperless Mold Free Sheetrock, and Decorative Protective Finishes. Interior Metal Doors and Door Frames Add Strength, Security, Fire, and Flood Resistance Interiors Can Be Finished Many Ways and Notice the Wide Window Ledges After Backfil and Plumbing Installation, the Interior Soil is Levelled in Preparation for the Moisture Barrier and Foam In-Floor Heating Tubing is Laid, Tested, Before Placing 4" of Concrete... We Apply Our Finish Directly Over the Interior ICF Walls Without Sheetrock Interior walls are sheetrocked and taped like any other but finished with our special cement based products.