CEH Videos Are Convincing  If A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words, Then Videos Are Worth A Thousand Pictures!
Persuasive YouTube Videos Demonstration of Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF’s) and how they resist penetration by flying objects in hurricanes, tornadoes, and other high winds. Flying Objects Won’t Penetrate ICF/Concrete Walls! Touching memorial video of the devastation caused by hurricane Katrina. Our CEH would have survived much of this damage and would certainly have minimized the losses and insurance claims! Don’t Become a Victim When You Have Options! Experience the force and destruction of a hurricane. Our homes would protect you from the flying debris and your roof would NOT have been blown off! You Won’t Have to Fear Flying Debris and Loss of Roof!
Witness a tornado lifting off a roof and destroying a whole house. Our monolithic structure and massive weight will not allow this to happen. Only a Miracle OR a CEH Could Have Saved These Lives!
The safety of a hurricane strength garage door. A CEH garage door is also framed in steel (not wood) to be even more protective of this vulnerable openning than this video demonstrates. We Don’t Overlook a Thing If It Comes to Saving Lives!
TV coverage of Myrtle Beach wildfire. If you are forced to evacuate your home, it will be standing when you return. Your neighbors may not be so lucky, wishing they had a CEH.  It’s a Helpless Feeling When You’re Forced to Leave!
A home breaking in half and floating down river. A CEH would never be built on such a site, but if it were it certainly would not tip, break, and float down a river. We would have added pin footings to keep it from moving or shifting. Your Home Will Survive With Far Less Damage and Repair!
Explanation of geothermal heating and cooling process.  Once Paid For Heating and Cooling are Nearly FREE!
The technical process of geothermal heating and cooling transfer using the refrigeration concept. Geothermal Operates Like a Refrigerator!
Explanation of wind turbine electrical generation in simple terms.
Residential wind turbines are becoming more common, more popular, more economical, and come in more designs. As a CEH Owner You Can Be Proud Of Doing Your Part!
Testimonial on solar electrical generation  by the homeowner. The expensive yet superior products cost is reduced by multiple tax credits by the federal government as an incentive to GO ALTERNATIVE! Don’t Let the Cost Scare You, It Pays For Itself! The technical explanation of solar electricity production in simple terms. How About a Simple Explanation of Solar Electricity!
Use of Wind Turbines Depend on Geographic Location Demonstration of impact resistant windows, doors, and garage door. Our steel framing, not wood or plastic, further strengthens ALL opennings. Our Windows and Doors Are Safe AND Secure!
Our decorative interior wall finish is hardened, water and fire resistant, to withstand abuse and result in minimal damage from flood or fire. Water, Fire, and Abuse Resistant Interior Walls! A safe room comes standard in a CEH and can double as a master bedroom, laundry, or utility room. All-In-One Safe Room/Panic Room/Storage Vaults Copyright © 2013 ConcreteEnergyHomes, LLC Disaster Resistant and Zero Energy Homes to Last Forever!